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Visa Fees Update July 2018!

The Australian Immigration has released an update in regards to Visa Application Charges (VACs) taking effect starting from the 1st of July 2018.

There will be an increase in visa prices and some of these price changes include the Business Skills – Business Talent visa, the Child (Migrant) visa and the Regional Employer Nomination just to list a few. It’s important that you know the current visa form and its prices as failing to do so may have several consequences like invalid visa applications, accidentally overstaying your current visa, missing that due date, becoming unlawful and being banned from Australia!

Visa application fees differ on individual circumstances and there are many pathways to the same visa. However, all of these varies as it depends on which visa you’re currently holding or have held before and how many applicants there are in total. Additionally, visa application and fees are also dependent on the applicant’s age and their proficiency in the English Language.

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Please Note

The above listed changes have been simplified. The change may not apply to your exact circumstances as there are many pathways to the same visa type and your pathway may or may not have been affected by this change. Please contact us for further information.

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