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Partner Visa Interview Questions

The Australian Partner Visas are also often referred to as

  • Marriage Visa,
  • De Facto Visa,
  • Fiance Visa,
  • Prospective Marriage Visa.
Partner Visa Interview

Partner Visa processing can take 10 – 14 months, depending on various factors. One of many questions I receive from my clients are “What if they call me in for an interview?”.

It may seem stressful but if you are in a genuine relationship with your partner and you have a good knowledge about each other, you should not have to worry too much. From experience, some people may struggle with dates and details and tend to get mind blocks when put on the spot. That’s the reason why being prepared and ready for the interview is a good idea.

The interview usually goes for 15 – 30 minutes.Below are examples of some of the questions the interviewer may ask.

Partner Visa Interview

Personal Information about your partner

  • Names and any previous names
  • Date of birth
  • Names, location and general details about siblings, parents and any children
  • Have you met his/her relatives and when?
  • Previous relationship history
  • Address and contact details
  • Work – position, location, roster and income
  • Education
  • Visa history – have they been sponsored or sponsored anyone before?
  • Favourite food/place, hobbies and faiths
  • Future plans for children?
  • Personality
Partner Visa Interview

Relationship Information

  • How did you know each other?
  • When and where did you meet in person?
  • When did you start a relationship?
  • When did you decide to a lifelong commitment to the exclusion of all others?
  • Details of proposal, marriage registration, marriage celebration
  • Living arrangements – Living together? Living apart temporarily? Who does what chores in the house?
  • Communication when living apart – how and how often?
  • Financial arrangements – Who pays the bills? Future plans?
  • Major joint purchases? e.g. house, car, appliances, investments
  • Future plans in Australia – Work? Study?

Examples of Tricky Questions

  • What is a spouse or de facto relationship?
  • What if your visa gets refused?
Partner Visa Interview

Other visa pathways for your partners

It is perfectly fine if you are not at the stage of a lifelong commitment decision. If you are just getting to know each other, or maybe your partner just prefers to get her own visa without your sponsorship, there are other visa pathways we can help you with.


  • Visitor Visa
  • Student Visa
  • Skilled Independent Visa
  • Employer Sponsored Visa

Anna Molina (MARN 1461034), our registered migration agent can help tailor your visa pathway to best suit your personal circumstances. Contact her today through this website or call +61401543995.

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