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In My Opinion – The Western Australian Economy and it’s Impact to Your Immigration Plans

As a registered migration agent in Perth, Western Australia, the tightening of the economy and it’s effect on the decision and pathways to migrate to WA have not gone unnoticed to me.

While many economist are still steering clear of the word recession, the economic outlook in WA currently is one that shows slowed growth as the resource driven state comes to terms with the shift in the prices of commodities.

Recent figures from the Australian Bureau of Statistics have noted a large exodus of people from WA and the number of immigrants arriving from overseas has decreased to 2123 since June last year (2015).

As a migration agent who makes an honest income from helping people migrate to WA, you maybe thinking why would I tell you this? Well, because it is in your best interests to know and consider when making your decision to migrate.

As a disclaimer this post is my own personal opinion and is based on looking at past trends in Australia and similar economies. This post, is a gathering of my thoughts on the subject hence the title and cannot be seen as giving RMA Advice. If you want my professional advice please book a consultation so I can review all details of your personal case.

So What this could mean to you?

Note: 1. Please see the appendix items for explanations on each point.

2. I am not an economist and these pieces of advise come from the observations made in the migration industry and business as a whole during similar conditions in Australia and overseas and is just general tips not migration advice.

How we can help?

Given the above information it would be wise, to consult a migration agent to discuss what Visa pathways are available to you, if you still wish to come to Perth or sponsor someone to come to Perth. As a registered migration agent I can look at your personal situation and I can give you a realistic look at which pathway you would most likely succeed on and tailor your migration journey to you.

As an Education Agent, I can also look at the courses available to help you acquire the skills you want to learn if this is the pathway of your choice.

Anna Molina (MARN 1461034)


For People visiting Australia for Holidays

When one industry declines, other industries take there place. Fortunately for the people wanting to visit Australia, it is common to see that as economies tighten tourism increases. Why? Well generally the exchange rate becomes more attractive and more money is placed into improving tourist attractions in an attempt to increase revenue.

So, this is good for tourists, because not only will you be able to afford more things, there will be a lot more services, tours and attractions targeted at you. So why not take advantage of it and visit this nature rich land of ours. Check out my previous post to find out more about what you can see and do in Perth.

For People wanting to Sponsor Family or Partners

Based on past trends, Australia will not keep legitimate families and partners apart. As such, a change in economic conditions may not impact you directly, unless of course your Australian family member or partner depending on the Visa applied for, is unable to prove they can financially support you.

Furthermore, as the economy tightens it would not be hard to imagine an increase in the premium charged by the government on this type of visa. However, this is just speculation based on the past increases.

For People moving for Work

If you are considering moving to Western Australia for work opportunities make sure that you have the experience and skills that are still in demand or look to be in demand with the change in the economy.

The skills and occupations that are in high demand in WA and Australia are added to the skills occupations list (SOL) or consolidated skills occupations list (CSOL) that increase your eligibility to apply for some Visa types. This list is regularly updated by the government to reflect the needs of Australia.

As the economy adjusts, it is logical to expect that there will be less businesses that are willing and able to sponsor working visa pathways. For this reason, it is recommended that unless you already have a sponsor willing to sponsor you, look at other entry pathways.

For People moving for Education

Generally, there are three types of students that look to migrate to Australia. Those that want to study a skill that will help them secure a job in their country of origin, those who want to study a skill with hope of securing a job in Australia and those that want to gain a skill while visiting a new country.

If you are studying your course as part of a gap year to experience Australia or to improve your employability in your own country then the changes in the economy are unlikely to impact you negatively, if at all.

However, if you are looking to secure a job in Australia after, I would urge you to make sure your course decision is not based solely on current skills gaps, because by the time you finish your degree the gap may no longer be there. Just ask past engineering students. A wise person once told me to study what you enjoy doing and want to work in, not just what everyone else says is in demand or pays the most right now.

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