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FAQ – Which Australian Visa Should I apply for?

As a Registered Migration Agent, I am a question I am often asked by prospective clients is “Which Visa Type Should I Apply For?” and the typical answer I give them is “Well, it all depends on your situation and your overall migration goal.”

Below are a list of typical question to ask when deciding which of the numerous Australian Visa Pathways you should apply for:

  • What is your purpose of stay? Do you want to visit, study, work, invest or live in Australia?
  • How long would you like to remain in Australia? Short term, long term, undecided?
  • What would you like to do after the visa expires? Return to your home country or call Australia home?
  • How much are you willing to invest to achieve these objectives?
  • Which Country are you originating from?
  • Have you got any Australian Visa history? Been here before? Have you ever been refused?
  • Not that anyone reading this has one, but have you got a criminal history?
  • Have you got any health issues?
  • And not being rude, but what is your current age?
  • What is your level of proficiency in English? Ever sat an IELT?

This is by now means a comprehensive list, but the purpose of asking these question is to tailor your migration plan to your migration goal. Each visa comes with different sets of conditions, e.g. a person on a student visa must be enrolled in a registered course, a person on a visitor visa cannot work and an employer sponsored person must remain with the same employer in the same position for 2 years. A detailed consultation with our registered migration agent can help you determine the options of the visas you could apply for, given those factors and many more.

Anna Molina (MARN: 1461064)

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