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FAQ – What’s the Difference between TR and PR? And How Can I get a PR?

Acronyms, abbreviating everything! So confusing, what does TR and PR mean. And if you want to stay long term in Australia how do you do that?

Let’s go through the difference between the residency categories:

A TR is a temporary residency visa. It only allows you to enter and remain in Australia for a certain period of time. After it expires, you must leave Australia or have a new visa. A PR is a permanent residency visa. It allows you to remain in Australia indefinitely or forever. However, the rights to enter and re-enter Australia can expire and has to be renewed every 5 years, usually. The interval which you have to renew this can vary, depending on the time you have spent in Australia prior to the renewal.

Ok, so now that is cleared up what pathways have you got to living as a PR in the great south land?

A permanent residency can be achieved through many pathways such as:

  • Family sponsored – This pathway is used for those with eligible family members who are willing to sponsor their migration to Australia.
  • Employer sponsored – This pathway is for those people who have eligible employers who want to sponsor their migration to Australia.
  • States/Territory nominated – This pathway is for those people who have skills that are in high demand by certain states or territories in a specific time period.
  • Independent nomination – This pathway is for those people who have gathered enough migration points based on the Australian point system. Individuals who are within the most employable age groups and skill categories with exceptional English and finances are the most likely to score well on this system.
  • Business – This pathway is for those who want to do business in Australia, specifically those with sizeable investments or important innovations.

To understand which pathway best suites your needs and which you are most eligible for, it is recommended that you consult a registered migration agent, such as myself.


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