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FAQ – How long should I wait before I apply for my next Visa? And What if my Visa is expired?

Visa application times vary quite considerably depending on the volume of visas being processed as well as the complexity of the visa applied for amongst other factors outside of your control.

I recommend that ideally you should aim to lodge a new Australian visa application at least one month before your current visa expires if you intend to stay in Australia. This means that you should begin preparing all documentation and other requirements at least 3 months before the expire date.

A visa application can be a quite extensive process and I would recommend that you seek professional advice from a registered migration agent.

In the event that you accidentally allowed your visa to expire and are still in Australia, then I urge you to reach out to a registered migration agent! Overstaying your Australian Visa has very serious consequences, so let us help you sort it out.

If your Australian visa has expired, you may need to apply for Bridging Visa B and depending on your circumstances, you may be able to request for work rights. Or you may be able to apply for other visas and be granted Bridging Visa C. Every person in Australia needs to hold a valid Australian visa. If you are caught without a visa, you may be put into a Detention Centre and receive fine penalties.

Do not be afraid of reaching out to a registered migration agent, such as myself, if you have overstayed. Registered agents are bound by the code of conduct to ensure that your best interests are put first and as such will work with you to resolve your status. The longer you leave it the less options you may have.

Book an appointment now if you need assistance with a visa that is expiring or about to expire.

Anna Molina (MARN: 1461034)

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