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FAQ – Can I bring extended family to Australia on a Family Visa Type?

A question I get often is can I bring extended relatives to Australia on a family visa.

For Family sponsored visas the Department of Immigration and Border Protection has a meaning for “family” limited to immediate family. You may be able to bring your children, parents, partners to Australia on this visa type. In limited circumstances, extended relatives may be able to be sponsored under the family visa pathway, for example if they are the last remaining relative that you have.

However, you may use alternative pathways to bring family to Australia depending on your migration objectives.

For example you could possible use a visitor visa for short term visits, such as attending a wedding or holiday stays. Or if your relative would like to study in Australia they could apply for a student visa. And in some circumstances your presence in Australia may add some points if they wanted to try for an independent skilled visa.

Again the options available are dependant on your relatives and your specific circumstances, Please see our Australian Visa section for more information and contact us for further advice.

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