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About Us

RMA Anna Molina – MARN 1461034
Principal Migration Agent, Sophos Migration Specialist

It's in the Name

Sophos Migration Specialist

Sophos means wisdom. Wisdom means the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement based on sensible and wise thinking.
Specialist means a person who is highly skilled in their feild of expertise.
Sophos Migration Specialist is a local Perth Migration Agency that is committed to providing specialised Australian migration services.
Established in 2014, we have successfully helped hundreds of clients; decide which Australian visa pathway is best for them, compiled the required documentation and lodged their visa applications for a range of visa types.
We have also helped clients through the visa appeals process and provide a range of additional services such as Thai to English translation.

Our Principal Migration Agent

Anna Molina - MARN 1461034

“My family and I migrated to Perth, Western Australia from Thailand in 2004. I know what it feels like to undergo the Australian Visa System. Although now I call Australia home, having studied in Australian high-school and universities, worked for and with Australian businesses… I am still very actively involved in multi-cultural communities and have many personal friends from countries all around the world.” – Anna Molina
Anna Molina is the principal registered migration agent at Sophos Migration Specialist. She holds a bachelor degree from the University of Western Australia and a Postgraduate Certificate in Australian Migration Law and Practices from Murdoch University. She is also a member of the Migration Institute of Australia and Migration Alliance and is currently the only Thai speaking registered migration agent operating in Perth.
Anna is committed to delivering the best personalised migration service to all her clients.

We Live by The Code of Coduct

As Registered Migration Agents we are bound by the Migration Agents Code of Conduct.
Further information, including the consumer’s guide can be found on Sophos Migration Specialist strictly follows the Code of Conduct and this means:
  • We will act professionally and in your lawful best interest,
  • We will handle your information confidentially,
  • Our fees will be reasonable and our advice will be targetted at minimising your costs,
  • We are of good characters and competent to deal with your case.

Fees and Charges

We offer competitive fixed service fees. This includes postage, printing and other administrative costs as well as agent’s fees. This does not include visa application fee (subject to changes by Immigration), police clearance, health insurance, medical examination, or any other fees for other services required by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection.